March 21st, 2014 10:30 am
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There's a reason I think I don't write as many journal entries anymore. I start them, and then because there's no specific point to some I just ramble and it loses some sense of cohesiveness. So I stare at it and go "Wow this is a pile of crap why would I make anyone read this?" and delete it.

Then start again.

Being as active as I am on plurk it's hard to find something I feel is worth devoting an entire journal entry to.

So, have some random thoughts.

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And I have...a lot of work. So. Going to get back to that.
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Have a book/author you think I'd enjoy? Let me know here! And no, there's no such thing as too many recommendations.

So give me authors, or titles or series and maybe even let me know why you think I or everyone should read them! Please feel free to also include reading orders or any other things you think I should know.

Genres I read most often include fantasy, urban fantasy, some science-fiction, romance, mystery, as well as Teen/YA books!

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I realized today I never posted the speech I gave at my grandfather's service so...here it is.

It was given last, after mom's speech about his life and my cousin's as well. It's a bit less...specifics about his life and more giving meaning to it but I'm really pleased with how it turned out and everyone else seemed to love it too which made me happy so. Yes.

Posting it here so I won't lose it.

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